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An asymmetrical waist combines contrasting fabrics and textures in this fun, colorful gown. Fluttering skirt detail cascades down the wearer’s legs, increasing the volume of her skirt and adding a touch of whimsy. A jeweled accent piece mirrors the sparkly detailing that is interwoven with the lace bust.


Sophisticated lace and shimmering solid black combine to create a balanced, mixed-texture gown. A modern peplum updates a classic look and makes this piece wearable for many body types. A subtle V neck beneath the lace sheath creates a focal point without showing too much skin.


Glitter and gleam in shades of gold with this sophisticated gown. Large bronze and golden jewels and beads draw attention up to frame the wearer’s face and subtly highlight her bust. A wide skirt washes around the wearer’s ankles, as if she stands in a pool of sunshine.


Artistry in grand scale, this style offers a V-neckline and breathtaking fully beaded glimmer.


This dress is for fairytale princesses only! With two layers of chiffon fabric comprising its skirt, this piece sways and flows with the breeze, only to remain grounded by its jeweled bodice. This dress is light, airy, and perfect for twirling. As its skirts fly up, the two layers resemble petals of a beautiful, delicate flower.


Flowered lace and a single line of jewels play off of each other in this refined and sophisticated look. With a modest neckline and knee length hemline, this dress is conservative enough for a formal event. Its form-hugging silhouette and open lace back, however, show off the wearer’s figure without revealing too much.


Take back the night with this one of a kind evening gown. The bodice’s intricate embroidery and detailing draws the eyes up towards a darling sweetheart neckline, but turn around and everything changes. A peplum-inspired train of gauzy fabric billows out behind the wearer, showing hints of sparkle underneath and leaving an enchanting path in her wake.


You could spend hours examining this piece and still see new designs! This intricately embellished work of art features thousands of tiny beads to form complex and eye-catching patterns. Vertical beading on the piece’s scalloped hemline resembles fringe for a vintage look that compliments a lace foundation.

Since 2010, Cristine Couture has been creating fresh designs to meet the evolving needs of women everywhere. With operations in Europe, the United States and South America, our dresses have been seen around the world from the runway to the red carpet. Cristine’s talent and experience is showcased in the exquisite attention to detail that is evident in all of her designs.

Each hand-sewn dress is crafted from the finest fabric and finished with gorgeous detailing, to create a superior quality product that stands out in a crowd. Cristine’s innovative designs combine superior quality, modern styling and couture finishing that make our dresses the perfect choice for a memorable evening.

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